"She's a dreamer. A doer. A Thinker. She sees possibility everywhere. "--Unknown


Kayla King is an author of fiction and poetry. Her debut micro-collection of poetry, These Are the Women We Write Aboutis published by The Poetry Annals.

Kayla’s short story, “In the Valley of Stars,” is included in Mistletoe & Magic: A YA Books Central Holiday Anthology

Her fiction and poetry has been published by or is forthcoming from One For One Thousand, Germ Magazine, Five 2 One Magazine, Plath Poetry Project, Cat on a Leash Review, MockingHeart Review, Figroot Press, Souvenir Lit Journal, Dear Damsels, The Mystic Blue Review, The Green Light, Ink In Thirds Magazine, Firewords Magazine, Sobotka Literary Magazine, Déraciné Magazine, Crooked Arrow Press, Fearsome Critters, Barren MagazineDear Movies Zine, Cauldron Anthology, Noble/ Gas Qtrly, Twist in Time Literary Magazine, Phemme Zine, Honey & Lime Literary Magazine, Impossible Task, Pink Plastic House, and Funicular Magazine.


Kayla is a graduate of the Mountainview MFA with her sights set on publishing the novel conceptualized during her graduate studies. Now in the query trenches with her YA speculative novel about dreams, she is seeking representation, and dreaming bigger than ever. To learn more and catch a sneak peek of her first page, check out her conversation with agent Danielle Chiotti featured on the Manuscript Academy Podcast!

Kayla loves real books, her Classic 12 Smith Corona typewriter, her collection of antique teacups, and her muse/best friend/dog named Tux. Most days, she drinks way too much coffee while exploring literary worlds: writing poems, short stories, and anything else that fills her word-infested brain. 


To discover more about how she got her start writing, what it was like getting an MFA, and the things that inspire Kayla, you can read her 1:1 interview. And for more about her writing process, you can read her Feature Friday interview

Kayla loves connecting with both writers and readers via social media, so be sure to reach out! And don't forget to follow her journey through this world of writing and beyond!