In the Bubble

I can't believe it's taken me so long to write about my time in the "bubble." At the start of January, I began my first residency of graduate school. I traveled through Hercules to New Hampshire's White Mountains and stayed at the Mountain View Grand Resort! The whole experience was wonderful and beautiful and dream-like. I was only gone five days but they were a great way to start off this new year!

I must admit, I was rather nervous to begin, but once there, I found I had nothing to worry about. The low-residency MFA program, which SNHU has created, is more like a community and family of writers than anything else. I felt the love and support of like-minded people the entire time I was gone. I met some really amazing people, took great workshops, and received a wonderful mentor for the next semester. I can't even believe such a magnificent program exists, and that I get to be part of it. For the next few months I will be reworking BOOK ONE of the Falling series to use as my thesis project, reading ten brilliant YA novels, and writing some craft essays, which will help me become the writer I always wanted to be.

I am so thankful to this MFA family for accepting me and astounding me with their feedback, their passion, and most of all: their writing. To be surrounded by so many gifted writers and to hear their beautiful words is something I've always dreamed of finding. I think as writers we all just want to share our words and our stories, and my time in the MFA bubble has given me the opportunity to do just that with people who understand the triumphs and the trials of writing. 

I can't wait to return to the MVG this June, to see all my friends and fellow writers, and to be inspired and encouraged for seven glorious days. Until then, I suppose I'll just have to keep writing.

All best,Kayla King.png