Keep Calm and Write?

In the midst of all of the stress and worry about my upcoming trip to New York City in a week, I found myself writing. I'm sure you're quite surprised. Or maybe not, given the content of these posts.


Anyway, I saw a picture recently, one of those Keep Calm And... kind of things and this one said Keep Calm and Write. Sounds easy enough. And most of the time, it is. Most of the time it's simple to drown out the chaos and write and write until the problematic world I left behind looks like a better version.

But not today.

Today I had so many things on my mind that I found it difficult to block this world out and drift off to the one I've created. But don't worry. I didn't give up. I just continued writing. And eventually, I had a finished chapter. Now with Chapter 18 done, and nine or so more to go until I finish BOOK TWO, I must agree that to "Keep Calm" I must in fact write. And while I have emerged from my world now feeling that apprehension of my month long trip nearing mixed with everything I must do before I leave. For a moment, however, I was calm.

So I suppose even when I am doing rather redundant work in NYC these next few weeks, I will have the opportunity to escape in my writing. Though I will be focusing on the craft of writing in this program, there is something, which too often gets forgotten when this is being taught and studied. And that, my dear friends, is that writing isn't anything unless it is enjoyed: by the writer, the wordsmith, the crafter of words, the author in professional realms. And I won't forget the readers either, the people who like to fall into other places born from words on pages.

This is what I am scared I am going to forget in the next few weeks, though it seems impossible right now. I pray that I remember the keys beneath my fingers, the pen within my hand, and the words that seem to flow from this place within my head, which is inhabited by all the best people, good and evil, but all loved by this writer.


All best,Kayla King.png