ted talk

Eat. Pray. Write.

Yesterday I found myself unexpectedly out of my Literary Publishing class, and I watched Elizabeth Gilbert's Ted Talk. The wonderful author of Eat, Pray, Love, discussed writing, and instead of calling herself a genius, she talked about how we, as writers, can talk to an entity outside of ourselves, a little genius who shows up to help us write those words, which we may have a hard time writing.

The way she explained it, in order to stay sane, one must talk to their outer "Dobby," and ask for help. After watching this video, that is exactly what I did. I talked to Dobby, and asked for help. 30 minutes later, in the shower, I got a rush of ideas. I'm not sure whether or not I cleared my mind enough that way, or if a little genius heard my plea, and was sending great ideas my way. Ancient civilizations didn't think it was so crazy, and neither does Elizabeth Gilbert. So I think I'm just going to thank my "Dobby", my little genius, and ask for help more often.

All best,Kayla King.png